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Uncover Winning Business Cases, Drive Revenue Growth

Drive revenue growth with winning business cases!
Curated-AI uncovers company-wide unstructured data to turbocharge your revenue. We empower Go-to-Market teams with instant access to curated knowledge, to make that deal happen!

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The Costly Impact of Sales Team Turnover


Sales team turnover ranges from 30% to 40%


Enablement & collaboration issues result in a 30% deal win-rate loss

Is Accelerating Your Sales Team Enablement a Priority?

Enablement costs saving | Sales focus increase | Enablement impact signals

How Curated AI Works for Your Sales Team Enablement

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Company-wide unstructured data

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Ensuring data  relevancy 

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Curating real-life relevant knowledge

Getting to know
your team needs

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Marketing Executive

"This is great! Now sellers can navigate through the sea of expert content we have and access the 30, 60, 90 seconds of knowledge to assist them in daily prospect engagement"

Product Marketing Executive

"The 'Ask CAI First' campaign is really cool in helping sellers across all our locations quickly access relevant insights and content snippets on the spot for any subject"

Global Sales Team Leader

"Staying updated on features, insights, and content has always been a challenge for sellers. This solution would be a game-changer for our sales!"
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